Collaborative Divorce

Working Together for a Healthy Fresh Start

When you got married, your lives merged. You and your spouse worked together to plan a wedding, a life together, and perhaps also a family. And though it may not have worked out according to plan, you’re both probably the most knowledgeable people around when it comes to understanding the other person and their needs. And, whether you realize it or not, you and your spouse likely have similar goals in common for your divorce, such as:

  • avoiding the time and costs of appearing in court
  • maintaining mutual respect for each other as you pursue separate lives
  • protecting children from adversarial and emotionally charged situations
  • dividing assets and property from a position of fairness, rather than revenge.
  • to fairly part ways and live separate lives without losing respect for one another or attempting to get revenge.

The ability to “Just Move On” is one of the top advantages to choosing the Collaborative Divorce option – and we at the Landerholm Law Firm can help you start experiencing the many benefits of this alternative today. Contact us today to learn more!