Collaborative Divorce Is Not Just for Low-Conflict Couples

Many people mistakenly believe that the collaborative legal method, whether for divorce or any other dispute, is limited to helping only those parties who are minimally contentious with one another.

Certainly, one of the most important benefits of collaborative divorce is that it frames the dispute in a manner that involves working with one another as opposed to working against one another, but that does not mean this process is only for those with low levels of conflict. Indeed, few disputes that require the intervention of lawyers could ever be considered truly “amicable,” but a collaborative divorce can help you achieve the closest thing to an amicable resolution to your dispute considering the circumstances, and avoid the involved parties being pitted against one another in a fashion that simply throws fuel on the fire.

Collaborative divorce may in fact be the most useful in cases where the couple anticipates that their dissolution will be especially contentious. While litigation often serves to exacerbate already inflamed emotions since the attorneys of each party involved in the dispute will be working vigorously and aggressively to achieve only their client’s goals, collaborative attorneys are trained to defuse potentially explosive situations and help the parties reach mutually agreeable resolutions.

Furthermore, high-conflict couples often have severe communication issues, which can only serve to make a bad situation worse. Collaborative divorce facilitates constructive communication, allowing logic and understanding to take the place of emotion when it comes to how the divorcing couple communicates with one another about their needs and goals.

Finally, high-degrees of conflict in a divorce often result from either member of a couple being defensive. They are defensive about their own actions because they don’t want to be blamed for the broken marriage, and they are defensive when it comes to their fears about the ramifications of the divorce and the potential actions of their spouse against them (i.e. trying to get full custody of kids, take a large chunk of assets, etc). By removing the threat of litigation, collaborative divorce allows couples to approach their dispute and divorce decision-making process from a place of relative calm and safety, where they no longer have to act defensively to protect themselves.

Collaborative divorce is a beneficial process not only for couples who want to end their marriage relatively amicably, but even for those who are primed for a highly contentious divorce. Any couple who wants to achieve a fair settlement and avoid costly and often lengthy courtroom battles should consider the collaborative method. Please give us a call to learn more.

Written by Collaborative Divorce

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